Nicolas Feuillatte, the No. 1 Champagne in France and for which we have been supporting through PR activities, held the “Tanabata Champagne! Nicolas Fiat” at Marunouchi Building last weekend from July 1st to 2nd.

A special set was offered with a glass of champagne and food pairings, while a bamboo branch decoration and a photo booth were also provided for people to enjoy the Tanabata Festival as adults while sipping champagne. Working with an event company, we planned, announced, produced promotional materials, attracted media and influencers, and managed the event on the day of the event.

The two-day event was a great success!

Nicolas Feuillatte, the No. 1 Champagne in France, is holding the Tanabata Restaurant Fair at restaurants in Marunouchi Building from July 1 (Mon) to July 15 (Sat) 2023!

A total of seven restaurants, ranging from French to Japanese to Yakiniku, offer special pairing menus with the flagship champagne “Reserve Exclusive Brut” at each restaurant.

In France, drinking champagne is called “drinking stars” in reference to the sparkling bubbles. The emblem of Nicolas Feuillatte, the No. 1 Champagne in France, also features a star, and through our PR activities, incldung the Marunouchi events, we hope to expanding the culture of drinking Champagne during Tanabata!

We recommend spring rolls and smoked salmon as pairing food!