Leading sustainable PR. “I want to support my clients in writing their sustainable future, contributing to society through Communication Design.”
CEO, Candlewick Co., Ltd.
Noriko Silvester
CEO, Candlewick Co., Ltd.
Noriko Silvester

Since launching in 2004, we have supported numerous global brands with their strategic planning and project execution in the Japanese market. With clients based around the world, from the EU, UK, USA, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, we have worked in the fields of Food, Beauty, Travel and Education to provide our services in Japan.

We take pride in our ability to propel Perception Change. Our messages communicate new values to Japanese consumers, driving tangible change. Our engagement encourages customers to try a product or service they have never tried before, resulting in a feeling of enrichment, and ultimately altering their cognisance. Challenging consumers’ views and preconceived notions about services and products, and encouraging them to try those of a more sustainable business, is how Candlewick better contributes to society.

But why do global brands need our support when venturing into Japan? One reason is the complexity of the market. Simple marketing attributes are not complex enough to fully understand Japanese consumer targeting and the uniqueness of our social systems. Furthermore, with social media now a form of an individual’s own media, as the digital shift progresses it is necessary to finely balance digital with ‘the real’. It can certainly be said that strategic planning to penetrate the market is becoming increasingly difficult.

It is also true that Japanese consumers are incredibly detail-oriented, and expect excellence in all aspects of service. In one of the world’s most demanding markets, Candlewick will help you uncover what your focus should be, incorporate it into your story and develop a concrete plan of action. It may be a word we find on the brand’s website, or something we hear from a sales assistant in a shop – sometimes real experiences as a consumer can provide a clue towards market penetration. One of Candlewick’s unique strengths is noticing subtle details, recognizing their importance and harnessing them into our Communication Design.

Here at Candlewick we are a female power team with a global outlook. We grasp consumer insight using our unique acumen and propose PR plans that reach the target through creative ideas. In order to practice ‘PR that leads to results’, since 2016 we have ourselves been importing and selling beauty products and educational toys. We harness our communications’ know-how and own experience of rapidly changing social media and other digital platforms and incorporate it into our client proposals. Our deep understanding of conducting marketing and directly selling overseas brands in the Japanese market gives us unique insight, and our strong, expansive network of organisations and influencers in a variety of fields is one of our clear strengths.

Utilising our unique business position, result-driven capabilities and unrivalled knowledge of the Japanese market, we will spearhead your sustainable PR – for a sustainable business, where the true value of your brand is understood.

We pride ourselves on having a diverse team of dedicated PR professionals with outstanding international communications expertise.
Kaoru Hashizume
She has 20 years experience in PR. After gaining significant experience in PR planning at a major PR firm, she returned to PR after 5 years raising her children. She leads various client accounts and projects and has been with us for more than 10 years.
Yu Suzuki
After working in sales at a major food company, while studying at PR school she interned at Candlewick before joining us full-time. With experience working at a beauty business corporation, she is experienced in the areas of beauty, fashion and luxury. She has been with us for more than 10 years.
Kyoko Yokoyama
She worked in the overseas travel Planning Department at a major travel agency. Having travelled to over 30 countries, she manages our travel clients and has been with us for 9 years.
Mariko Ishii
She joined Candlewick not long after graduation, and returned to us after briefly working at an advertising agency in Australia. Currently sharing her time between two countries, she is working online and has been with us for 9 years.
Gemma McGoldrick
Born in the UK, she graduated from university with a degree in Japanese. After joining the JET programme, she then worked in Japan. After graduating with an MBA, researching foreign business in Japan, she joined Candlewick. She currently works online while bringing up her young child and has been with us for 10 years.
Yuka Miura
She worked at a business/market news distribution company, after which she started her own business. She works with many clients providing design, digital and video production services and has been with us for more than 10 years.
Yuko Bruce
After working in sales at a business/market news distribution company, she resumed work while raising her 4 bilingual children. With her keen eye for luxury lifestyle, she works largely with luxury brands. She has been with us for 5 years.
Nanae Yamamoto
After working in the travel industry, entertainment industry, and Japanese and international financial institutions, she joined Candlewick. She also has experience working in overseas offices (London, Hong Kong) and has been with us for 6 years.
Haruna Asano
After working as an intern at Candlewick during her time at university, she studied in the UK. After graduating, she joined Candlewick full-time and has been with us for 4 years.
Cathy Komuro
She previously worked in the hotel industry, art shows, interior design and as an operations manager at serviced offices. Her role at Candlewick focuses largely on overseas client accounts. A truly multi-cultural member of the team, with roots in Japan, Canada and China, she has been with us for 4 years.
Catherine Lealand
From New Zealand. After graduating university, she came to Japan as an English teacher, and also began modeling. Continuing her work in the modeling industry, she works on overseas client accounts. She has been with us for 3 years.
Erina Shimmura
Born in the UK. After working for a major clothing manufacturer expanding globally, she joined Candlewick and has been with us for 3 years.
Kaho Oishi
After graduating from college, she worked as a ground hand for an airline and in e-commerce for a mail order company before studying abroad in Madrid. After enjoying Europe, she joined Candlewick. She loves travel and wine, and is currently learning the ins and outs of the PR business! She has been with us for 1 year.
Candlewick Co., Ltd.

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Noriko Silvester
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Candlewick: The story behind our name
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