This year is our 8th year in representing the Monaco Government Tourism and Convention Bureau. We would like to share a project we are currently working on.

As of January 10th to February 14th, Monaco and W Osaka are hosting a collaboration café called “MONACO Café @MIXup” ☕️ for a limited time only.

We held a media reception to celebrate the opening, where the W Osaka chefs and mixologists presented sweets and cocktails made with Monaco’s organic liqueurs and gin, as well as savories that incorporated traditional Monaco cuisine. All attendees enjoyed the event and felt as if they traveled to Monaco!

The café was designed with the new campaign “Like Nowhere Else” which includes a photo spot, and table tops specially designed with illustrations drawn by Monaco’s illustrator. During the event, the guests enjoyed the Monaco afternoon tea and as well as gacha game in ordrer to win a signed uniform by AS Monaco’s Takumi Minamino who’s hometown is Osaka! 🌟 

As Monaco will be exhibiting a pavilion at the Osaka Expo in 2025, we hope this collaboration event will help build up the Expo as well as create a desire in people to visit the destination by experiencing Monaco afternoon tea at the MIXup cafe . ♥️🇲🇨

This Monaco collaboration café offers original cocktails that you won’t find anywhere else🍹.

Created by using L’orangerie liqueur and syrup that is made from Monaco’s sunshine as well as gin distilled locally. The two cocktails were created by W Osaka’s award-winning mixologists with the utmost creativity 🌟.

The cocktail “Creamy Sweet” features the sweetness of Monaco tea and the freshness of an orange, allowing the taste to change as the cream mingles.

The cocktail “Gazelle Blue,” is in sync with the colors of “Like Nowhere Else” design which is derived from the Mediterranean Sea. The drink is champagne based with just the right amount of L’orangerie and nut liqueur to create a refreshing taste!

The menu creation was a team effort with W Osaka in order to make the guests feel like they are enjoying a cocktail at a bar in Monte Carlo! ♥️🇲🇨