This is Candlewick’s eighth year as the Japan office of the Monaco Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Did you know that Monaco is a destination where you can enjoy three countries in one day? Especially for foodies, you can enjoy the markets of Italy, France and Monaco in one morning!

First, you can shop for delicious balsamic vinegar and olive oil at the market in Ventimiglia, Italy! Next, visit the marché in Menton, France, to get French butter at one-third the price of Japan. Finally, experience Monaco’s traditional cuisine at the food court of the marché in Monaco.

Comparing and tasting three different countries and their different food cultures is a lot of fun for foodies!

At Candlewick, we have many food-related accounts and we place great focus on foor PR.

We visited Le Bleu Bay, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort in Monaco, at the time of its reopening and were able to be among the first to attend a tasting! More than 9 dishes were served by Chef Marcel Ravin, a native of Martinique. His dishes were like creation of art both visually and palatably, and it was an experience that could not be experienced in Japan. The Chef’s Table in the restaurant is also highly recommended and they offer a 20-course meal!

As the Monaco Toursim Convention Bureau, we recently hosted a dinner event with SBM Monte-Carlo, inviting travel agencies and concierge services that cater to wealthy travellers. We condcuted a presentation and special dinner with the general manager of the 5-star Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo hotel in Monaco and a sales representative from the Societe des Bains de Mer of Monte-Carlo.

In the basement of the Hôtel de Paris, there is a world-famous wine cellar created in 1874 that is about 1,500 square meters housing approximately 350,000 bottles, the largest in the world. A special white wine from this cellar was served at this dinner. The event became a great opportunity for guests to experience the charm of Monaco in Japan.