On May 29, the British skin care brand <de Mamiel>, for which we serve as the sole distributor in Japan, was featured in the “Sobani Okitai” column on Asahi Shimbun’s “be on Saturday”. Beauty journalist Nami Ikuma introduced de Mamiel’s Altitude Oil, which feels refreshing after applying just one drop on the inside of your mask, and Soothe Oil, which can help ease stress and tension. Thanks to the readers of the article, we have been inundated with calls since this coverage. As a result, we have set a new record for order numbers and our sales have been boosted by 573% compared to the same month of the previous year. We were able to achieve this success because of the well-thought-out explanations of the products provided by the media. Through this experience, we recognized the power of mass media exposure and meeting the needs of the consumer target (buyers).