Basic Policy on Personal Information

Candlewick Co., Ltd. (“Candlewick”) fully understands that correctly protecting and managing personal information is our responsibility to society. With this Privacy Policy below as our basic principle, Candlewick will continue efforts to further protect personal information.In addition, Candlewick has established a “Compliance Program”, which clarifies our basic stance and standards in handling and protecting personal information. This Compliance Program, with all executives and staff abide to, serves as our response to our client’s trust.

Candlewick established and abides to a Compliance Program based on the Japan Industrial Standard “Personal Information Protection Management Systems – Requirements”(JIS Q 15001). Any personal information obtained by Candlewick will be protected under strict management.

Personal information will be appropriately collected, used and provided under the scope necessary for Candlewick’s business activities.
The personal information collected will only be used under the owner's consent for the agreed scope.
The personal information collected will be accumulated and stored under strict management, with necessary measures taken to prevent and correct any wrongdoing such as illegal access, loss, destruction, manipulation and leakage.
Candlewick will comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning privacy protection in handling personal information.
Candlewick will regularly review and revise the Compliance Program.

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