Candlewick launched a new PR campaign for Codorniu, Spain’s No.1, royal warranted cava brand. As one of the promotional activities for Codorniu’s Barcelona 1872, which is encased in a bottle designed exclusively for Japan, a Codorniu Wine Bar was opened at ELLE Gourmet’s Bread Festival. Held at Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C. in Futakotamagawa over a weekend in late October 2023, visitors could enjoy free tasting samples, as well as purchase cava by the glass. Our decision to participate in this event was motivated by ELLE Gourmet’s extremely food-savvy readership. This event was an excellent opportunity to understand potential customers’ awareness of the brand and see their reactions to Codorniu’s cavas first-hand. Furthermore, this event and the participating brands were included ELLE Gourmet’s post-event report exposure.