Candlewick, which has long been engaged in business as a trading company in PR as well in PR communications, launched the Finnish organic skincare brand "HENUA" in Japan in the Autumn of 2022. Recognition of Scandinavian skincare brands is still quite limited in Japan, so we are trying to create a new market by not only promoting the brand as "Finnish organic skincare," but also by proposing a Scandinavian way of life with well-being, where "happiness" can be found in daily life.

In order to have as many people as possible experience the world of Henua, we held a pop-up event at GINZA SIX for about a month. Visitors to the store were able to experience the appeal of HENUA products in a space designed to evoke the image of a rich, high-quality lifestyle surrounded by nature, nestled in the forests of Finland, as well as through attentive customer service.