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“Hej! スウェーデンからこんにちは”  トッカ・ボッカ PRブースを初出展  Hej! Greetings from Sweden. First Toca Boca PR booth in Japan!

スウェーデン生まれの遊びのスタジオ、トッカ・ボッカ社は、8月29日(土)、30日(日)の2日間、東京・渋谷にて開催された「ワークショップコレクション11 in シブヤ」(主催: NPO法人CANVAS)に初めてPRブースを出展しました。
Toca Boca, the award-winning play studio that makes digital toys for kids, was thrilled to exhibit their first PR booth in Japan at the “Workshop Collection 11 in Shibuya” (Host: NPO CANVAS) on August 29th and 30th (Sat.-Sun.) in Shibuya, Tokyo.
The event was mainly held at two office buildings soon scheduled to be demolished. This was an exciting opportunity for the children, who were allowed to express their creativity freely on all walls, windows, floors and ceilings, as well as through more than 100 workshops designed to stimulate children’s creativity and power of expression.
Toca Boca’s booth had Toca Boca digital toy corner, as well as a colorful sticker workshop and a coloring corner. The booth was packed with lively kids and their guardians throughout the event.
The new apps corner was especially popular. Kids enjoyed “Toca Nature”, an app where users can create their own forest, inspired by the deep forests of Sweden. They loved “Toca Hair salon 2”, the latest installment of the app where users can change hairstyles of the on-screen character. And of course “Toca Kitchen”, where kids and make their own dishes using various foods and tools, as well as many other mind-blowing apps.
This event proved Toca Boca’s strength in creating superior communication tools. Children who met for the first time at the event became very close in no time, all thanks to Toca Boca’s apps. There were many children laughing together and having great fun sharing the same game screens at the booth. There were girls proudly showing off their cuisine and hairstyles created with Toca Boca apps to their parents. The smile of a mother, playing Toca Boca apps with her children, showed us how digital apps can also be a fun communication channel between friends and family.
Candlewick will continue its PR activities so more and more children, and their parents, will not only see the charms of Toca Boca and its digital toys, but enjoy being immersed within the world of Toca Boca.



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