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プログラミング玩具「プリモトイズ キュベット」STEAM教育イベントでワークショップを実施  Workshop using Primo Toys’ “Cubetto” at STEAM KIDS

去る5月28日、東京大学本郷キャンパスにて行われたSTEAM教育を体験できるイベント「STEAM KIDS」で、キャンドルウィックが扱っている英国のプログラミング玩具「キュベット」のワークショップを開催しました。このワークショップにはなんと500名を越える応募があり、幼児期のプログラミング教育への関心の高さを実感しました。当日は3歳から6歳まで、約32人の子ども達が集まり、1つのプレイセットを4人程度で囲み、みんなで目的地までキュベットを動かしました。30分でキュベットの仕組みを理解した子ども達は、お父さん、お母さんにも動かし方を教えられるほどに。みんな集中して遊んでいました。
On May 28th, Candlewick held a workshop with STEAM KIDS, a STEAM education program at Tokyo University Hongo campus, to introduce English programming toy, Cubetto. We received more than 500 applications for the 32 seats, a response which demonstrated the growing number of people interested in programming education for young children. Children from 3 years old to 6 years old gathered and played with one Cubetto playset per four children. They set their own goal and programmed Cubetto to move to the goal. The children were able to learn how to use the toy within 30 minutes, and were even able to teach their parents how to play with Cubetto by the end of the workshop. Everyone was concentrating while enjoying Cubetto.

We received many nice comments from the participating parents such as:
“It’s reassuring to see them playing all together, using their hands”.
“I was surprised to see children are so absorbed in playing with Cubetto”.
“I understood that even three-year-old children are old enough to play with the playset, though I thought they would be too young”.
STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Increasing attention has been gathered around STEAM education, by which children learn how to solve problems using the skills developed from each subject area.
STEAM KIDS was organized by NPO CANVAS, and its head Ms. Ishido who also appeared on a talk session with Filippo, the founder of Primo Toys last February.(Visit here.)
There is also a series of articles featuring conversations between Filippo and Ms. Ishido on the CANVAS website, so please take a look.
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