Designing and creating communication is what we do.

Noriko Silvester
Founder, CEO
Candlewick Co., Ltd.
As an "expert in localizing", Candlewick provides communication strategies to radicate the businesses of global brands in Japan. From our establishment in 2004, we have responded to the needs of various organizations from Europe, UK, USA, Oceania, Asia, and the Middle East.

Why do products and messages that perform effectively globally not work in Japan? In recent years, the Japanese market has become progressively complicated, and it has become difficult to easily discuss targeting and promotion. With the difficulty of resonating consumer's behaviour online and offline due to the diversification, it has become increasingly difficult for companies trying to communicate with their consumer.

Furthermore, Japanese consumers tend to look at the details of things, which includes service. Therefore, it is possible for companies to succeed in this unique market based off of one word or structure, which could be a word on a brand's website or a comment one may receive in a shop.

We cover B2B, B2C and C2C communication. With our global and creative point of view, we propose ideas on how to grab the insight of a customer, open a shop, and appeal to the target demographic. Recently, we have also had our clients apply our knowledge of the rapidly changing SNS and digital communications that we have gained through our past experiences.

As an independent company, we will carry on the role to assist global brands in succeeding in Japan by using different influencers and organizations.


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Our Team

Candlewick is comprised of staff with numerous global experiences. As we support our clients in both English and Japanese, we take direct orders from overseas. Since we have experience in handling businesses with countries such as USA, England, France, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Qatar, Taiwan, Malaysia, New Caledonia and many more, we try to be the bridge connecting different countries, while working on localizing and creating messages for foreign brands.
We are a female-led agency, a unique point which allows us to produce a finer PR, taking advantage of our unique perspective as often the target customers are women. We have worked with many clients around food, beauty, fashion, tourism, interior design, and education.