Nurturing Sustainability through Perception Change
Individuals, businesses and communities are under pressure to re-evaluate their place in the world. Here at Candlewick we are challenging these changing times through Perception Change. By harnessing our creativity and expertise in Communication Design, we help brands break free from their deep-seated image and nurture new perceptions. The result? A world abundant with consideration for the environment. Supporting the creation of a sustainable future is Candlewick’s ultimate dream and underlies all the work we do.
Our True Power
Changes to perception and behaviour through Creative Communication.
Our Expertise
Communication Design to support brands necessary in society in the field of communications.
Our Goals
Create a prosperous future for future generations through Sustainable Communications.
Perception Change
and Sustainability Two themes closest
to Candlewick’s heart
Our Greatest Strength:
Perception Change
Candlewick finds new ways to communicate and redefine a brand’s appeal, creating and expanding the market to a new audience. Candlewick brings solutions to clients, inspiring Perception Change and influencing people’s consciousness and behaviour. In addition to understanding the brand’s Core Values, a Core Message that changes perceptions is essential in order to be understood by the Core Target. Candlewick excels in strategically designing diverse communications to endorse your brand.
Our Philosophy:
In the future, businesses that neglect the issue of sustainability will not achieve success. Only sustainable companies can survive, regardless of industry. Here at Candlewick we support our clients’ sustainable communications, collaborating and working hand-in-hand with companies, organisations and partners with strong, logical business solutions. We are currently developing an index to quantify a company’s Sustainability Level.
Creativity is essential in changing the status quo, altering perceptions and changing the way people look at things. With a unique combination of ideas and perspectives, Candlewick creates communications that capture trends.
As this era enters a whole new phase, many companies will want to take the lead. The whole picture may not yet be complete, but they want to at least start moving in the right direction. Candlewick harnesses the knowledge and expertise of carefully selected professionals to support our clients’ projects every step of the way. Our rapid, flexible approach has been highly commended by current and past clients alike. In the midst of these rapidly changing times, it is possible that business conditions may change even before a project can be implemented. We believe that one of the key deciding factors in choosing a Communications Partner is whether or not they are quick and responsive to both your needs and market demands.
Perhaps you do not yet have a foothold in Japan, or are yet to hire local personnel. Or perhaps you have staff in place, but do not have the resources or capabilities to conduct regular PR or advertising. Here at Candlewick we pride ourselves in supporting our customers with all their needs, for as long as they need us. For overseas brands just entering the Japanese market, Candlewick can closely support you with all your requirements, from creating sales channels, to expanding your customer base, and measures to foster brand trust. Please feel free to contact us with your questions or requirements.
Candlewick understands the differences in cultures, customs and values, and has the expertise to design diverse communications. We recognise how indispensible the understanding of words is to communications. We do not merely translate contents and messaging into English, but apply our expertise and experience to ensure the message is localized in a way that engages the Japanese audience.