We are in charge of PR, “Nicolas Feuillatte”, the champagne most drunk by French people.
As a new way to enjoy its flagship champagne, “Réserve Exclusive Brut”, we are proposing a way to enjoy champagne while wishing upon a star on Tanabata.
As a part of this project, we have asked chef Maki Watanabe to devise a recipe for “5-color spring rolls,” a pairing food that goes well with “Reserve Exclusif Brut,” and we broadcasted the recipe on Instagram Live.
The “5 Colored Spring Rolls” is a reference to the 5 colored strips of paper used to decorate the bamboo branches.

Please check out @maki_watanabe‘s IGTV!

We hosted an online event with the media and influencers to better convey the concept of enjoying Tanabata with Nicolas Feuillate’s flagship champagne, Reserve Exclusive Brut. Along with introducing the brand, the brand’s chief winemaker and brand ambassador organized taste testing using various glasses. Through champagne trivia sessions and many more, the participants were able to learn new ways to enjoy champagne.

For the online event, we had planned the contents of the taste testing sets for the media and influencers. To enjoy the Tanabata mood as much as possible, we had prepared sasanoha and tanzaku. We asked Marine who is a Japanese illustrator who is active in France to draw the illustrations for the tanzaku. As Tanabata only happens once a year, we wanted this event to integrate the charms of champagne with Tanabata. With the help of many people, we were able to create the taste testing set, and we were happy to hear that many people enjoyed it. It was a project that we felt that the PR work was diverse!

For this year’s Tanabata, please enjoy it with champagne ”Reserve Exclusive Brut”.