It is getting hotter and hotter these days! This week, we have some recommendations from Candlewick members on how to spend such a hot summer.

First, let us start with Kimata. I love watching the sunset to refresh my mind. Watching the ever-changing gradation of colors in the sky, I forget about the heat. My friends call me a sunset hunter, and I recommend Sunset Beach in Hawaii. This is where I shot this video. In Japan, Headland Beach in Chigasaki is also nice and calm.

I, Shinmura, recommend spending time relaxing on the terrace. The days are long in summer, so from dusk onward, the time spent relaxing over a good drink or coffee is exceptional. I like to spend time alone while listening to music, and I also like to spend time with friends who know each other well without worrying about the time. I especially like the terraces around Omotesando and Otemachi, where many stores have an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are overseas. I would like to go to a terrace by the sea, sometime soon.

I, Yokoyama, would like to share some of my recommendations on how to spend a hot summer. My number-one hobby is golf, which I enjoy regardless of the season. As you can imagine, when I see a forecast of 33-34 degrees or higher, I’m a bit gloomy before the start, but once I step out onto the course, it’s exhilarating! The sweat that flows down my face like I’m in a sauna sometimes stains my eyes, but it gradually becomes less and less of an issue.
Of course, I take every precaution to protect myself from the heat and the sun! Drink sunscreen, portable fans, ice packs, cooling sprays, frozen drinks, etc. It is great to get out of the air-conditioned environment and move your body as much as you can to sweat it out and detox your mind and body!

The heat wave is still on, but let us get through it by building a body that will not get battered!