2022 is almost over! Let’s take a look at some of our favourite memories from some of the Candlewick members.

First up, Kaoru!

“2022’s keyword was “offline”.
After two years of only online activities, we started to bring back offline meetings, events, and storefront activities around summer.

At Candlewick, which focuses on food, travel, and beauty products, it was a year in which we realized once again that nothing beats experiencing things hands-on.

Having delicious food, drinking wine, traveling, and the list goes on.
Real-life experiences are fun and really do bring joy.

I hope that in 2023, we will be in a world where “offline” doesn’t have to be used!

We are looking forward to welcoming more wonderful experiences in the coming year!”

Next up is Yu!

“At the end of the year, we tend to get distracted by the business of last-minute work and events and lose time for reflection, but I’d like to take this chance to look back on this year’s activities and “embrace them positively” to motivate us to take on more challenges in the next year!

The most memorable event this year was a TV interview with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern during her visit to Japan in April. During her visit to Japan, she had a very busy schedule, so we had to coordinate the interview with the program side down to every minute, as well as take measures to prevent Covid.

Since we couldn’t confirm the content of the TV program in advance, it was difficult to relax until the program aired!

The interview can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of Nihon TV:

The interviewer, Ms. Udo, was intelligent and very kind!”

Finally, Noriko!

“My highlight of Candlewick in 2022, among the many that come to mind, I have chosen to focus on the businesses we run ourselves in Japan.

Since the establishment of CDW, one of our themes has been Retail x PR, aiming for PR that sells, and recently, under the concept of a PR trading company, I have been learning about the valuable business of designing communication from import to sales and PR for skincare products from the UK and Finland in a single integrated process.

The Finnish skincare brand, HENUA, was named after the key phrase, “For skin with full of happiness,” and the mentality of the Finnish people, who have been ranked number one in the world for four consecutive years in the world for happiness ranking.

We held a press launch at the Finnish Embassy and opened a pop-up store in GINZA6 for about a month. While it was a lot of work to do everything in-house, from display, carrying in, sales training, staffing, and other operations, we were also able to do a lot of detailed work, such as directly interacting with customers to see their reactions and getting them to register as LINE friends at Operation Launch.

Regardless of gender, try HENUA for happy skin!