We will introduce our recent clients’ work in this week’s blog!


As the mechanisms of aging are being elucidated and aging is now treatable, the anti-aging ingredient “NMN” is attracting attention. “NMN” has become a hot topic in the supplement market as clinical trials and other studies have progressed in various parts of the world.

In recent years, as more evidence on NMN has emerged in Japan, it has been picked up by the media, and interest in NMN has increased significantly. Some people have said, “I want to try NMN, but I don’t know what to choose.”, “I don’t know which one is better.”, or “I tried taking it, but I didn’t feel it worked.”.

LUXURY NMN 15000, an NMN supplement that Candlewick provides communication and PR support for, has responded to these voices by releasing a product website that provides easy-to-understand information on aging, mechanisms, NMN’s anti-aging effects, and points to choose in order to realize the effects.

If you are interested in NMN supplements, please take a look at this website!

②Bord Bia

Blessed with a mild climate, abundant rainfall, and clean air, Ireland is blessed with year-round, high-quality grass-fed pasture. The tender meat and nutty, rich flavor of Irish Grass-fed Lamb have earned it a reputation among restaurant chefs around the world.

The lamb is raised by 99% family-owned sheep farmers, with an average of about 100 head, and is raised with great care, paying close attention to the health and condition of each animal.

Since Irish grass-fed Lamb has entered the Japanese market in earnest and is attracting attention, Candlewick was commissioned by Bord Bia, the Irish government’s food agency, to create a website that introduces the characteristics of Irish grass-fed Lamb. In addition to the types and characteristics of Irish grass-fed lamb, the website also introduces the types of grasses that contribute to the high nutrient content of Irish grass-fed lamb and the sustainability programs promoted by the Irish government. Please take a look when you have a moment. https://irishfood.jp/lamb/


We have been lucky enough to provide Carbery, one of Ireland’s largest cheese producers with PR services since last year, and recently launched a Japanese-language Landing Page to support their sales and promotion of Carbery Dairy in the Japanese market.

In order to help trade partners and potential customers better understand the USPs of Carbery Dairy and their products, we provided consultancy support to develop the most appropriate contents and presentation of information to inform and engage visitors to the page. We worked closely with the designers in Ireland to develop this Japanese-language tool.

As well as downloadable product sheets and brochures, we localised available video footage, adding Japanese subtitles to introduce Carbery, their farmers and their products to the Japanese audience.

Please do have a look at the finished page!