Today, we would like to introduce how Candlewick members spend spring.

At Candlewick, we have team members working remotely from overseas.  Cathy will share the spring time of Vancouver, Canada.

I went to visit a friend who runs a blueberry and honey farm in British Columbia, Canada.  The blueberry trees are carefully pruned this season by Lydia and her family of eight.  Working and living in central Tokyo, the farm lifestyle is an aspiration!  Dogs running around without a leash, working the field under the vast sky and mountains.  During this season, my friend Lydia is pruning the blueberry trees.  As they grow different varieties of blueberries, harvest time is July to September.  Also during this season pussy willows is in bloom.  At the farm, they raise chickens but they are fenced in with electical fencing to protect them from coyotes.  But it seems like when the rooster is in the flock, the coyotes don’t come!  The honey is grown by the grandfather.  As different plants grow from spring to summer, supposedly the color of the honey darkens.  The Canadian nature is truly beautiful!

Next, Candlewick’s new member Ha, from Vietnam, will introduce how she usually spends spring time in Vietnam!

In Vietnam, Lunar New Year (“Tet” in Vietnamese) is celebrated for about a week in February.

For Vietnamese people, Tet is considered the beginning of a new year and a new season, so February is considered spring in Vietnam. It’s also the time of year when lots of locally grown flowers bloom, so it really does feel like spring!

My Tet ritual is to wear Vietnamese traditional dress “Ao Dai” and walk around central Hanoi – “Ho Guom” lake with friends to take pictures and catch up over coffee then visit a shrine.

For me, spring is the time to reconnect with one’s roots through traditional Tet activities.

In Vietnam, we burn incense sticks to wish for good luck, health and love in the new year. Since it is the same time as Valentine’s Day, there are many young people wishing for love.

I beyond excited for this new year and a new start at Candlewick. It is going to be a wonderful year!

The last is from Nicolas Feuillatte PR team!

Congratulations to VOGUE Japan on its 25th Anniversary!🍾

We are pleased to announce that Nicolas Feuillatte, the French Champagne brand for whom we are in charge of public relations, was a sponsor of the commemorative event “VOGUE in Bloom”🌸.

After a talk session by Vogue Japan’s Head of Editorial Content Ms.Tiffany Godoy, the event started with a champagne toast with Nicolas Feuillatte’s Rosé First Bloom of “SAKURA”.

Please enjoy this rosé champagne, with its gorgeous pink hue reminiscent of cherry petals, to celebrate the joys of spring.

Nicolas Feuillatte is France’s 🇫🇷 No.1 most enjoyed champagne. Let’s enjoy viewing this year’s cherry blossom with a bottle of SAKURA🥂