This is the series as part of our “I didn’t know that before!”

Next is our recruitment client Azure & Co.

Their corporate slogan is “Taking people and companies to the next stage” and they place great importance on face-to-face communication with clients and jobseekers. They have a reputation for introducing just the right people to the right companies, because their industry-specific specialist consultants understand the needs of companies and eliminate misalignment.

On the Azure & Co. website, you can find a special segment called ‘Special Interview’ in the clients category, where they introduce interview articles from top executives and managers of various companies about a variety of topics, from the current state of the industry, to the environment of companies and teams, and the human resources they are looking for etc.

At Candlewick, we are in charge of reporting and writing articles for this segment. Nowadays, as ideal work styles and motivations for choosing a job change with the times, I learned that all companies that continue to grow have something in common: they all have a clear corporate purpose, mission, and career path and are always actively building a comfortable working environment.

Make sure to check out their website at to get inspired, and stay tuned for more amazing stories from Azure & Co.!

Next is Nicolas Feuillatte!

From grape varieties to Champagne production methods to food pairings, there are countless things I have learned since taking charge of Nicolas Feuillatte, but one thing that is unique toNicolas Feuillatte is its “cooperative” business model.

I learned that Nicolas Feuillatte is a brand that carefully produces Champagne while staying close to its producers, as evidenced by the stable supply of high-quality grapes and delicious Champagne produced through cooperation with approximately 5,000 producers, and the trust that has been built over many years through Nicolas Feuillatte’s educational activities for producers and support for organic grape production.

Next is ZIWI®, premium pet food from New Zealand!

Dogs and cats are actually carnivores by nature, and because ancestrally they hunt in the wild, they have digestive systems that are optimized for digesting meat. Dogs and cats historically eat the whole prey including the meat, organs, and bones. For that reason their stomachs and digestive systems are shorter than those of herbivores, and their acidic digestive juices allow them to digest animal proteins and fats quickly and easily. On the other hand, carbohydrates such as grains and potatoes are not digested well.

Based on this principle, ZIWI® has created their pet food recipes with high protein content of 96% meat, organs and bones and no carbohydrates. In addition, superfoods such as green lipped mussels and green tripe are also included to support pet health. Through a pet’s diet, ZIWI® aims for pet guardians and pets to live “their peak lives together” much longer and happier.