The United Nations has designated June 18th as “Sustainable Gastronomy Day”, a day dedicated to the promotion of sustainable food culture!
We would like to introduce the sustainable aspects of each of the three food accounts that we are in charge of promoting🍃

First we would like to introduce, New Zealand’s JAZZ™ apples🍎
The New Zealand apple industry is working on a project aimed at sustainable apple production.

The goal is to reduce pesticide application by 50% by 2030 through the use of smart technologies such as remote sensing, which can detect pests and diseases in real time and respond early without spraying pesticides.

The project also aims to reduce the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions by 35% by achieving pesticide-free operations by 2050.

The results of this project will further establish the New Zealand apple’s strength as a pesticide-free, safe and sustainable apple ✨

At Candlewick, we design sustainable comminucation and PR plans for clients who share the same values.

Our long-term client, Bord Bia – Irish food board is working towards sustainable food production.

90% of all Irish exports, including beef, lamb, seafood, and dairy products, are managed under the national sustainability program ‘Origin Green’, meaning the entire supply chain, from farmers to processors and retailers, is managed consistently.
The program provides the information, measurable goals and implementation support necessary for the industry to become more nature-friendly in its food production efforts.

Since the establishment of Origin Green in 2012, member livestock farmers have achieved an average 5% reduction in CO2 emissions, and member processing plants have reduced their energy and water consumption by over 10%. As one of the most carbon efficient beef producers in the EU, Origin Green plays a key role in ensuring Ireland’s long-term food production and security of supply.

Here at Candlewick, we are in charge of promoting the most beloved Champagne in France, Nicolas Feuillatte🥂

Nicolas Feuillatte has a cuvée made from 100% organic grapes called Collection Organic Extra Brut🍇

Nicolas Feuillatte is committed to preserving and celebrating nature through this organic Champagne, which is their newest cuvée🌳

In order to support the development of sustainable viticulture, the Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Oenology Center launched a service in 1998 to provide free technical advice on viticulture to their growers✨

By doing so, Nicolas Feuillatte aims to offer bottles that meet the highest standards of excellence, while at the same time guaranteeing the sale of Champagne produced in an environmentally friendly manner💚