Media event to effectively communicate brand message In New Zealand, everyone lives with an appreciation for nature, believing that when nature is bountiful, people are also bountiful. The lush green pastures, fertile soil, cool, clear waters, and endless coastline of New Zealand produce high-quality, delicious, and nutritious food that is "made with care" and exported around the world. Candlewick has supported activities to deliver this message to the people of Japan. As one of our media relations activities, we held a media event "Traveling New Zealand with Wine" at the New Zealand Embassy on Tuesday, December 12. This was the first co-hosted event between Tourism New Zealand and the Commerce Department of the New Zealand Embassy, which we support in PR. The event promoted New Zealand as a destination as well as the appeal of wine and cheese. New Zealand wines have been attracting attention worldwide in recent years. Candlewick was in charge of the event from conceptualizing the event, selecting speakers, attracting media, and managing the event. Special guests were wine director Koichi Tanabe and travel editor Keiichi Izawa, who spoke about New Zealand wine and its appeal as a destination. The press in attendance were able to learn more about the variety and quality of New Zealand wines and cheeses, their delicious flavors, and sustainable production methods.