Sales Communications

Previously, Candlewick conducted the PR for the New Caledonia Tourism Board, as well as the Malaysia Tourism Board. However, starting in 2017, Candlewick became the official Japan office of the Monaco Tourism Bureau. As a result, we support the comprehensive sales communications of Monaco in Japan to media, trade, and general consumers. We are working to increase the number of Japanese visitors by appealing to younger generations and introducing Monaco as a country with many forms of entertainment and top-class culture.

By utilising our comprehensive knowledge gained through lifestyle PR in fashion, art, food and beauty, we are able to create a specific approach for each target and effectively maximise the client's budget. For example, we developed our strategy by asking questions such as, where and who should we approach to create demand in our target audience and ensure the image of high-end lifestyle and luxury. At Candlewick, we have the necessary know-how and relations to answer each such question. We can therefore appeal to potential travelers by highlighting the charms of a country in a manner that matches the client’s needs and create touch points in creatives that will connect to direct results.