Polygiene is an anti-odor technology from Sweden, with two main technologies. One inhibits bacterial growth, and with that there will be no body-type type odors. The other absorbs and “crunches” odors that come from the outside. Candlewick provided PR services to raise awareness of this technology. Although Polygiene is a well renowned company with its technology used by 20 official partner brands, but this Polygiene technology and their prototypical Ag formula was unknown to the average consumer.

Candlewick developed a Japanese tagline based on data gathered from consumer research, created a landing page and collaterals in Japanese, and provided consultation on advertisement movies created by the sales representatives. It was a challenging endeavor to launch new products taking into factors such as production flow, industry protocols, launch timing and liaising with over 20 partner companies, but in a market where fragrance usage is increasing, as an antithesis, we appealed the odor "crunching" technology, impact of environmentally unfriendly fabric softeners and that the Polygiene technology changes our way of living as it has in the West. In order to maximise our PR effectiveness, our partners, PR and management worked as one, planning out release and event timing and solidifying Polygiene's recognition in the industry.