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Working together as partner brands to promote the advanced Swedish technology


Polygiene is an anti-odor technology from Sweden. By application of Ag ion to various materials, it prevents the development of bacteria on the surface of the materials, which are the cause of body odors. Candlewick provides services to raise awareness of this technology. Although there are many products released from world-renowned global partners that utilize the Polygiene treatment, including from more than 20 partner brands in Japan, Polygiene itself is not known to consumers as the technology is often seen as complex.

Candlewick developed a Japanese tagline, based on data gathered from consumer research, created a landing page and collaterals in Japanese, and provides consultation on the advertisement movies created by the sales representative. Though it can be difficult to announce the launch of new products in accordance with the seasons of the apparel industry, we work closely with the various stakeholders to ensure we maximize our PR effects. Our strategy is to appeal to consumers by showcasing Polygiene’s drastic ability to prevent the very cause of odor without using any kinds of perfume, and its position as a Scandinavian environmentally friendly solution to change one’s lifestyle. By working together with the partner brands, the client, and its sales representative, we are strengthening Polygiene’s recognition in the industry.