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アドタイ・デイズのパネルディスカッションに参加 ~「広報の仕掛け人たち」に聞く、PRの仕事のこれから~ 
Candlewick participates in the panel discussion at AdverTimes – The masterminds of PR and the future of PR business

マーケティング・コミュニケーション業界のビジネスフォーラム「AdverTimes DAYS(アドタイ・デイズ)」が4月12日(火)・13日(水)の2日間にわたり都内で開催され、“「広報の仕掛け人たち」に聞くPRの仕事のこれから“というテーマのパネルディスカッションに、キャンドルウィックが講演者として参加しました。

“AdverTimes DAYS”, a marketing communications business forum, was held in Tokyo on April 12th and 13th and Candlewick participated as a speaker for the panel discussion “The Masterminds of PR talk about the futures of PR business”.




The discussion was moderated by Mr. Tadashi Inokuchi from Dentsu Public Relations with three PR professionals featured in the book “Masterminds of PR [Koho no Shikakenin tachi] – How PR Professionals took action”, Mr. Kazuaki Yokota from Inoue Public Relations; Mr. Hiroshi Sato from Spice Communications; and Ms. Mine Nakao from Candlewick. The three panelists introduced the inside stories of the projects each agency has worked on, as well as their views on the future of the PR industry. It was interesting that they all valued “creativity” in their work to meet the client’s demands for the utmost satisfaction, and also to think beyond the box of the traditional scope of PR activities.



The venue was jam-packed, with some attendees even standing to listen to the highly meaningful discussion. If the discussion piques your interest, please take a look at the book “Masterminds of PR [Koho no Shikakenin tachi]”, released in March. Though it hasn’t been long since its release, it has now become Sendenkaigi’s best-selling book for this year.


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Premium pet food brand K9 Natural exhibited at Interpets, the International Fair for Better Life with Pets.


Candlewick is supporting K9 Natural with PR consulting, and from Thursday 3/31 to Sunday 4/3 they participated at the Interpets exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight.


Mr. and Mrs. Collins, K9 Natural Japan Co., Ltd.



Interpets is one of the largest pet EXPOs in Japan. This year, the event was even more lively, with more exhibitors and a venue twice the size. The three days of the EXPO that were open to public coincided with the best cherry blossom viewing season, and many visitors came to the EXPO to enjoy a spring day out with their animal companions.


2014年全国犬猫飼育実態調査(一般社団法人 ペットフード協会調べ)によると、犬が1034万6000頭で猫が995万9000頭、飼われているそうです。この数字は、15歳未満の子どもの数より多く、いまの日本では子どものいる家庭よりも、ペットを飼育する家庭のほうが多いのです!!

According to the National Pet Owner Survey 2014 (by the Japan Pet Food Association, Inc.), 10,346,000 dogs and 9,959,000 cats live with families as pets in Japan. This number is larger than the number of children under 15. Surprisingly, there are more households in Japan that raise pets than children!



Such social change has brought a huge tide of products and services developed to enable families to spend as much time as possible together with their beloved pets. Furthermore, pet owners are concerned about the health of their pets as much as their human family members, and many owners pay careful consideration to their pet’s daily food in order to be healthy.


そんなワンちゃん・ネコちゃんにとって、本当に良いものを与えたいと思う飼い主さんたちに、広く支持されているブランドが「K9ナチュラル」です。“Naturally Better Nutrition ~ニュージーランドの自然のままの栄養を”をブランドスローガンに、BSEや口蹄疫が全く発生していないニュージーランドの厳しい基準をクリアした、人間食用の羊、牛、鹿の肉類、平飼いの鶏の肉類を90%以上(猫用は99%)使用し、犬や猫のアレルギー源となる穀類・イモ類・豆類は一切使っていない、グルテンフリーが大きな特長です。原材料への厳しい基準にあわせ、その製造方法にもこだわっており、45度以下の非加熱フリーズドライで、水分のみを取り除くので、大切な素材の栄養素、酵素、風味はそのままなのです。

K9 Natural is a pet food brand that many concerned canine and feline pet owners widely endorse. Under its motto “Naturally Better Nutrition”, the pet food uses 90% or more (for cat food, 99% or more) free-range lamb, beef, deer, and chicken that has cleared the strict rules of New Zealand (where there is no BSE or foot-and-mouth disease cases), and is the same grade as the meat eaten by humans. The food is also gluten-free, using no grains, potatoes, or beans that might cause allergies for the cats and dogs that eat them. With its strict rules for ingredient control, the company also uses a unique production method: the food is freeze dried at temperatures below 45 degrees Celsius. This way, the food is not heated and only the moisture is taken away, leaving the important nutrients, enzymes, and taste untouched.



Samples of all K9 Natural products were available at the Interpets booth, and many pet owners were surprised to see their dogs and kitties happily and eagerly munching on the sample food on the spot.



Candlewick will continue to support K9 Natural and introduce its wonderful products that bring the natural power of New Zealand to our pet friends, both via Facebook and through exposure in other media.

K9Natural Official Website
K9Natural Facebook


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Our message to the people of Kumamoto


Our deepest sympathies and heartfelt thoughts go out to the victims of the recent Kumamoto Earthquake.
We sincerely wish for the fast recovery and the well-being of everyone affected by this crisis.




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